The internet has evolved in a rapid pace, causing E-commerce to change into social commerce.

CSP agency develops strategies to guide brands through this trend. The content we produce is most valuable when it is well distributed, perfectly tailored to your target audience. CSP manages social media accounts targeting the right audience to grow your following and stimulate conversion. Social media is all about consistency. We believe in a more=more strategy to reach your goals.

1. Brand awareness

Be different, be you, be consistent. Brand awareness is the extent to which someone recognizes or recalls a brand. It familiarizes with the audience and it distinguishes from its competition. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Strong brand awareness is the result of carefully thought out repetition on multiple levels. A few ads does not generate brand awareness.  A combination of personality, sponsored events, consistency in content, charity and giveaways generates brand awareness. CSP Agency manages brands as if they were ours.

2. Engagement

Know your audience, know your brand voice. Social media engagement is measured by a range of metrics that may include the following: Shares or retweets, Comments, Likes, Followers and audience growth, Click-throughs, Mentions (either tagged or untagged), Using branded hashtags Depending on what suits your brand and what your business has to offer, your social media engagement goals might include: Changing the public perception of your brand, Developing new customer leads, Collecting feedback about new products, Educating your audience with resources and advice. CSP Agency knows which way to go.

3. Conversion

Your audience is targeted with over a 100.000 words per day that say: Buy me! Why would they bother spending time looking at you? Give the audience a seamless experience instead. An experience that starts with a mobile friendly page for seamless transitions and short waiting times. Prepare your E-commerce for Social commerce. Product-related videos go hand in hand with a higher social media conversion rate. Videos tend to stop your audience from scrolling. Don’t be scared of actually promoting your product(s)s. Decide on conversion-centric call to actions. Every brand needs a different strategy depending on their target group, media platforms and behavior. We love guiding brands throught the path to social commerce.

Challenge us and ask us for your own adventure

Connecting with the world out there is the best investment you can make. Believe us if we say that your brand will be pleased!